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(a work in progress by Jonathan Powers)

'Twas the night before Midterms
And all through the town
Not a student was sleeping
Not one could lay down
These tests were tomorrow
Each knew this for sure
But when trying to think
All was a blur
Back out again
The notes from the fall
Hoping these facts
Each one could recall
Now they're all ready
They know what to do
They've just settled down
To review and review
Then out on the desk
There was such a heap
Of all the papers
Each needed to keep
The books were so thick
Very long indeed
But this was the time
That all would reread
They threw open the covers
And studied each page
As each fact was found
It built up more rage
There are many things
Each needs to remember
All the way back
From early September.
The lights from above
Were all shining this night
So students could practice
To get answers right
From all this studying
Each felt less dumb
Aside from the worries
of the testing to come
With all of this studying
Now getting so dull
All each wanted to do
Was to rest their skull
Though they felt very upset
This was not much fun
But there were subjects to study
They named one by one:
"Oh Math! Oh Science!
Oh Technologies!
Oh English! Oh LOTE!
Oh Social Studies.
Bring pen and pencil
With lead number two
Now what? Now what?
Now what do I do?"
The clock was ticking
And time running short
And all kids were thinking
"I need to abort"
It's getting late
The energy fading
Tomorrow will have bubbles
All needing shading...


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