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Death Of A Salesman

Mohabai Death Tower

When the Sky Turns Black
By Kellan D. L. H.
 There shall be a time
When great evils rise
And untainted purity subsides
The adulteration
Of such justified concepts
Will lead to unjust demise
When the sky turns black
And the heavens to dust
On aught without shown mercy
From the powers within
Turns the timeless wheel
No faith surpassing heresy
And thus would mark
The defeat of temperance
The downfall of devotion
And Satan will rise
And his will be done
With evil encompassed notions

The Sins of Past

By Kellan D. L. H.



In the darkness

Hear them cry

With their bodies

Hang them high


See the madness

Taste the fear

Feel the chaos

Death is near


Running ramped

To escape

Hope is broken

Crushed with hate


This I see

From my post

The evils take

Another host


Broken corpses

Hung on high

Dripping perfidy

While others die


In my lair

I reminisce

I recall the times

I do not miss


I evoke the slaughter

I know the blood

The hatchets hit

I hear the thud


In my head

Agony grows

From a past

That no one knows


The throbbing pain

Causes despair

It is too much

For me to bear


No, make it stop!

I cannot see

Why this insanity’s

Come over me!


I’m going mad

It must be true

From scenes of ruin

Which I view


Evils have come

I am the hunt

They bash me, bruise me

They start to shunt


They grab my soul

And grasp it tight

They then seclude me

From the light


Once they do

This deed to me

I’ll resemble

Those I see


There I shall rest


My spirit gone

My body broken,  sore





By: Kellan D. L. H.


I don’t want to die

But It tells me i must

This sorrow, this despeartion

This vengence, this lust


I can no longer try

To live my life as mine

It’s aura of hate

No intentions divine


The money’s gone

The love’s disapeared

I’ve lost all hope

Just as i feared.


No reason for judgement

No purpose to life

End all this suffering

Depletion of strife.


It’s quick and it’s easy

But still it will be

The last time you’ll notice

The image of me.


It begs me to do it

It wants me to die

I havn’t tried fighting it

I don’t even know why


It’s now to the point

I don’t care if i live

I don’t want to be saved

I’ve nothing to give.


So let it be done

So let it be shown.

For death must be better

Then life as i’ve known.

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